The storage of chemical substances demands a secure environment in which technical and organizational protective measures are in optimum condition. ‘Chemical Storage OK’ is a quality label that lets company and organization know that the storekeeper in question operates in accordance with the essential qualifications.

About the quality label

Companies and organizations who store chemical substances can apply for the quality label through an audit. These audits can be conducted by selected agencies or quality label institutes. The quality label ensures (inter)national recognition, allowing chemical companies and chemical trading companies, as well as logistics service providers, the possibilities of mutual comparison.

Companies and organizations in possession of the quality label receive a large door or window sticker, a certificate which can be framed and mounted, and a digital file/logo for advertising purposes or for on your website.

‘Chemical Storage OK’ is trademarked by VNCW Consultants BV. The quality label is supervised by a development-supervision board.

Applying for Chemical Storage OK

Does your company or organization use one or more storage points for chemical substances, and would you like to have your storage points assessed professionally? The quality label lets you show others that your storage points are in accordance with the essential qualifications

Certified institutes – inspection agencies

Are you a certified institute or a consulting agency that can function as an inspection agency to independently assess chemical storage points?