Certified institutes – inspection agencies

Are you a certified institute or a consulting agency that can function as an inspection agency to independently assess chemical storage points? Sign up using the form below. Certified institutes are preferred to consulting agencies. The auditing of companies and organizations must take place using the Chemical Storage OK Questionnaire. Only a select number of institutes and companies is allowed per country. Auditors sent to assess companies or organizations must be in possession of demonstrable knowledge both of storing chemical substances and of audition.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an agreement which requires a signature. Once signed, the agreement can be resubmitted, after which you will also receive advertising support materials.

Prior to visiting the first company, you are requested to schedule a meeting with a Chemical Storage OK auditor. The auditor will accompany you on you first audit, safeguarding the quality of the quality label. In subsequent years, an auditor will accompany the assessment institute or inspection agency on at least one audit per year.

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